Aqua MozziBracelet




MozziBracelet is a deet free mosquito repellent wristband that keeps all the annoying little buzzers away. Our mosquito watch has a silicone chamber which holds a rubber pill impregnated with natural oils. When using MozziBracelet, the active ingredients are slowly released into the air creating a protective halo around you which keeps mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects away. The bracelet uses only natural ingredients: eucalyptus citriodora oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil. Simply wear the mosquito repellent watch around your wrist or ankle and your natural body movement helps to release the ingredients from the pill to allow a pleasant fresh lemon scent to protect you.


– DEET FREE, GMO free, no added insecticides
– Rechargeable – one pill provides up to 15 days of protection
– The length of the bracelet is adjustable to fit all ages
– MozziBracelet insect repellent is suitable for pregnant women and babies from the age of 3 months (Only out of reach. It’s just that MozziBracelet has some small parts we don’t want your toddlers to swallow)
– Suitable for all climate zones
– Works as a tick repellent if worn around the ankle
– Waterproof. MozziBracelet will even keep you protected when swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea!


One set includes: 1 x MozziBracelet, 2 x MozziPill refills
Extra MozziPills can be bought separately here.